Animal Facts

Mar 3rd, 2011 by arima

Facts about Animals…..

  • A horse can sleep in it’s standing postion.
  • A Cow produces about 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.
  • A Cow produces about 200 times more gas than a human body.
  • A Chimpanzee can recognize itself in a mirror. But, monkeys can’t do that.
  • The “nine lives” attributed to cats is probably due to their having nine primary whiskers.
  • Polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting.
  • The largest land animal in the world is the Kodiak bear. It weighs about 862 kilograms, which is roughly the same as 14 male gymnasts.
  • When a lion wants to mate, he cannot be stopped. Copulation occurs every 15 minutes for one week straight. Luckily for lionesses, lions only want to mate once every two years.
  • Approximately 50 percent of all orangutans have fractured bones, a result of falling off of trees on a regular basis.
  • Frogs cannot vomit. Whenever a frog absolutely has to vomit, it vomits its entire stomach.
  • When hunting in packs, wolves use different howls to communicate with one another. Because echoes can distort communication, a wolf’s howl does not produce an echo, even when emitted in a valley surrounded by mountains.
  • The whitetail deer causes more harm to humans than any other animals do because of the number of traffic accidents that they are involved in.
  • All clams are born as males. A clam can change to become a female, but only once, and the change is irreversible.
  • African elephants produce approximately 100 kilograms of manure per day. Most of this manure is eaten up by beetles.

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