Know about Insects

Mar 3rd, 2011 by arima
  • How many eyes do have to look into a butterfly? Just two right! You know butterflies can look at you with about 12,000 eyes.
  • The lifespan of a dragonfly is only 24 hours
  • A Cockroach, without a head can live upto nine days before it dies.
  • Can you move your eyes in two directions at the same time? A Chameleon can look into two directions at the same time. Please don’t try to do so. It’s dangerous for Human Eyes.
  • The brain of a roach is located inside of its body. If a roach loses its head, it can live up to nine days. A decapitated roach dies not because it cannot think, but because it cannot eat.
  • The monarch butterfly can detect its lover’s scent eight kilometers away.
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