A Short Note on Indian Independence

Feb 18th, 2013 by arima

Indian Independence

India was held a colony of the British Empire and hence for centuries India had to remain without freedom. Although Indians had a lot of benefits by its association with Briton, gradually Indians began to find that they were being exploited by that foreign country. So some Indian rulers started fighting against the British Government to throw them out of this country. In 1847, the first war of Indian Independence was fought. But the Indian rulers lacked enough unity and strength to defeat the Britishers. This made the situation worse for the Indians under the rule of the British.

The Freedom Fight

In 1885, Indian National Congress was formed by A. O. Hume and several others. Soon several patriotic and progressive minded Indians began joining the party. They started campaigning for independence from British rule. As years went by, Mahatma Gandhi took the leadership of Indian National Congress and gave it a new direction and strength. He started fighting the British with his weapons of non-violence, Satyagrahas and non-cooperation. Gandhiji and several freedom fighters who led the movement with him were able to awaken the whole nation towards the need for freedom.
After decades of struggle with his weapons of passive resistance, Gandhiji and his followers were able to convince the British Government that it was now time for them to leave India. On the 15th of August, 1947, India finally got its long cherished Independence. Following that India became a free nation with its own rulers and rule of law. Today, among the countries of the world, India stands tall as a fine democratic nation with a parliamentary form of government.

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