The Emperor’s Servant

Once Akbar and Birbal took a horse ride along the village. They came across a Beautiful cabbage patch.

Akbar looked at them and said ” I love Cabbages. They are very healthy and delightful Vegetables. What do you think Birbal?”

“Yes Sir! Cabbages are known as the King of vegetables” said Birbal.

After a couple of months, they again came across the same cabbage patch. However, this time Akbar was not so fascinated towards cabbages. With a disliking face, he said ” I used to love cabbages earlier. But nowadays I don’t have a taste for it. How about your Birbal?”

Birbal immediately said “Certainly. Cabbage is the tasteless vegetables of all”

Akbar was astonished. “Come on Birbal, I remember you saying Cabbage was the king of vegetables,” he said.

Birbal admitted “I did say that Sir. But I am your servant Your Majesty, not the cabbages”

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