How to discipline kids?

Good discipline is not about working out punishments, as this does not really teach the child about the actual negativity of the act that required some discipline attention.

Instead it really teaches the child that the stronger component in the equation usually gets to dictate and cause the weaker one to simply follow along.

Good discipline measures are meant to teach a child right from wrong and not simply address the wrong. Making the child understand self-control and socially acceptable behavior is one way of encouraging the method of good discipline.

The parent will show the agreement of good behavior with praising and encouragement and will usually address bad behavior with the opportunity to discipline using respect, patience, and good problem-solving skills as opposed to simply working out punishment.

Good discipline is not about going through the process of a power struggle. When a child is much younger it may seem acceptable to use this kind of discipline but as the child grows older it would definitely be much more difficult to use this style as the older child will more likely retaliate, thus making the already difficult situation worse.

Good discipline does not mean making the child feel insulted or suing demeaning elements to cause hurt. Using styles such as yelling and name-calling will not help the child in any positive way.

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