Birbal Betrays Himself

One day in the King’s Court, Birbal happened to have an argument with Akbar. The casual argument soon became very hot. Akbar being a very sensitive king, got very angry and ordered Birbal to get out of his Palace and also his kingdom. Birbal having to obey the King’s order, left the court immediately.

After a couple days, Akbar couldn’t stop thinking about Birbal. He missed him so much and wanted to bring him back to the court.

But, Birbal was missing and could not be found anywhere. Soon Akbar got an idea and made an announcement to the kingdom saying ” I would reward 1000 gold coins to the person who can walk on the Sun with half shade on him”

People started laughing and said ” This is definitely not going to happen. What’s wrong with the king?”

The very next day a villager came to the court. It was a hot sunny day and the villager was holding a String Cot above his head.

He came to Akbar and said ” Oh King! I walked in the sun and by holding this string cot over my head, I have half shade on me. So, please hand over my reward”

At once Akbar understood that it must be the plan of Birbal. He asked the villager who taught him this idea. The Villager Confessed that it was Birbal’s Suggestion. On hearing this Akbar was very happy. He called Birbal to come back to the palace and they had a happy reunion.

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