Camel’s crooked neck

One Day Birbal was serving the King’s Court by his intelligent Wit and Wisdom. Impressed by his service Akbar promised him to give many gifts. But, Akbar forgot his promise.

Days passed and Birbal became very disappointed that he didn’t receive any gift. He was waiting for the right time to remind the king of his promise.

One beautiful day, Akbar and Birbal were walking along the banks of river Yamuna. Akbar saw a camel passing that way.

He asked ” Birbal, Can you tell me why the Camel’s neck is crooked “

Birbal decided to make use of this moment and came up with an instant idea.

He said “Oh Maharaj! The camel might have forgotten to keep up his promises made to somebody. That’s the reason why his neck became crooked. I have read somewhere that whoever forgets their promises will become crook necked.”

Soon Akbar realized that he had forgotten his promise of honoring Birbal with Gifts. He went back to the palace and gave Birbal his reward.

This story shows how brilliantly Birbal got what he wanted without asking for it.

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