The Motto: Unity in Diversity

India is a country of diversity in almost all respects. It has over 1500 spoken languages. It has people from different religions, sects, communities and castes. It has people observing different customs, traditions, rites and rituals. It has people observing different eating habits, modes of dressings, manners and lifestyles. But despite all this diversity there is an underlying unity among the people of this country. This unity has been the greatest strength of the people of this sub continent since ages. It was this very unity in diversity that helped the Indians to get Independence from British rule, in 1947.

Religion and Culture

The main religion of India, Hinduism, is a religion of diverse forms of worship, beliefs and practices. It is also a religion that shows high tolerance toward these differences. This aspect of Hinduism has been highly helpful in maintaining and growing this unity among the people of India since ages. At times, these differences in community, language, religion, etc., have also been the cause of trouble and dissent in certain parts of India. Still, among the people in general, there has been this motto of Unity in Diversity.

The Indian Government has recognized this unity in diversity among the Indians and from time to time caries out several programs and projects to promote cultural harmony and solidarity among its people. The Constitution of India prescribes that it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to value and preserve the rich heritage of its composite culture.


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