Tenali and the Thieves

Once there were so many thefts in Vijayanagara city which made people alret on the presence of thieves. One night, before going to bed TENALI saw some thieves in the bushes near his house. Then he made a plan with his wife.

After a while , the theives outside heard TENALi’s voice saying to his wife,” Dear be careful and lock all the doors n windows as robberies are taking place in the city. I have put all our Jewels in this box, so help me carry it to the well behind our house. we wil throw it into the well. the theives can never get to them this way.”

The theives heard all this n they saw TENALi and his wife threw the box into the well. then TENALI and his wife went into their house n closed all the doors.

The theives were happy at this chance n got busy taking out the water from the well for the whole night to get the box.Early in the morning TENALI came to the well n saw the theives drawing water for the whole night. TENALI smiled at them and said ‘ Thank you friends, for watering my plants. what must I pay u for your labour’.

Hearing this the theives fell at TENALI’s feet for forgiveness. TENALI let them go when they promised not to steal or rob anyone ever again.

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