Tenali Ramanna Attempts to Turn a Dog Into a Cow!!!

Tenali Ramanna Attempts to Turn a Dog Into a Cow!!!

The first rays of Sun were spreading on the world driving away all the evil and darkness from. Just then King Rayalu woke from deep sleep. Yawning he came out of his palace room and clapped calling, “who is there?” Running came a soldier, “Yes My Lord!” bowing his head to the King.

“Go right away and bring the barber along” ordered Rayalu. Taking the instruction, soldier left saluting the King. Rayalu re-entered his room and just rested in the easy chair in there. Immediately he went into sound sleep again. The barber rushed in on hearing the call of King Rayalu. Eventually, he slowly entered the room of the king to find Rayalu sleeping in the armchair. Sensing the King to be too tired the barber never wanted to wake him up. Putting all his experience and expertise, barber completed his job shaving the beard and cutting hair. Finishing his work barber left the place in all silence.

After sometime, Rayalu opened his eyes. He did not find the barber waiting by the door. Angrily he clapped for the attendant and shouted at him to bring the barber in a moment. Slowly he got off the armchair and casually put his hand on the chin, Surprise! It was like a freshly done. Rayalu grew suspicious and walked in front of the mirror and looked at his image in there. The hair was cleanly cut and beard was neatly shaved.

Meanwhile, the attendant brought the barber before him. Rayalu was impressed about the barber’s job and appreciated him, “You Barber! I am satisfied for your job. I wish to bestow a boon, go on ask one I will accomplish.”

“Master!” hesitantly barber presented his good old desire, “Since long, My Lord… I carry a wish to become a Brahmin. Kindly bless me with this, I do not need anything, as my family and me do not have anything short with your Lord’s mercy.”

Rayalu was stunned to know barber’s desire. However, he assured, “This is not any big boon, tomorrow itself your wish will be fulfilled.” He waved the barber to leave and summoned for some Brahmins.

“Dear Brahmins! I promised the barber to transform him as a Brahmin. You should do it with all your knowledge and keep my word. All of you will be rewarded suitably,” Rayalu ordered. On hearing the sound of “rewarded” Brahmins were lured and told the king, “As you wish My Lord! We will transform the barber into a Brahmin.”

The news of barber turning a Brahmin spread in the city and all the Brahmin community whimpered silently, because if they speak louder the King might know of it and they would face punishment. They thought, “it is not fair for the King Rayalu to order so for transforming the barber into a Brahmin. This might give way for many others to long for the wish.. this is against Dharma.”

Thinking long in vain what to do, they approached Tenali Ramalinga seeking a solution. Understanding the whole episode, Ramalinga tried to inject some confidence into the members of the Brahmin community. He told them, “All of you have some peace and rest. I will try my best to avert this extreme incident from happening.”

The next morning, the Brahmins who were ordered on to the job took the barber to the Coast of Suvarna Mukhi River and started chanting some hymns standing around him. King Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu was watching the performance sitting at a distance and was supervising what was happening.

At the same time, a little far from this place,

Ramalinga was chanting something or the other standing by the side of a black dog. He was pretending to ignore what was taking place near the place. While the Brahmins continued chanting the hymns, Rayalu slowly walked close to Ramalinga and asked, “Ramalinga! What are you doing to the dog?” With all natural submission Ramalinga told, “I am transforming this black dog into a white cow.”

Rayalu laughing sarcastically, “Ramakrishna! hahahah.. hahahaha.. how can this black dog, perhaps, any dog turn into a white cow if you chant some hymns after giving it a dip in the holy river?”

Innocently Ramalinga said, “King of Kings! Kindly forgive me for my foolishness. But, why can’t this black dog be turned into a white cow, when a barber is being transformed into a Brahmin?”

King Rayalu stopped laughing and started to think. He understood that Ramalinga was doing this to open his eyes. Immediately he called the barber and told him, “Hey You barber, it is not possible to turn you as a Brahmin. Leaving this desire ask for another one.”

The barber submissively saluted, “Master! I am happy with your kindness, I do not need anything” and left for home. Rayalu, as usual, felicitated Ramalinga for opening his eyes and protecting from doing things against the Dharma.

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