Helping Hands – Learn to Help Others

Helping Hands – Learn to Help Others

Helping others is one of the finest of human nature. A person who helps is a person who is loving, compassionate, and caring. Such a person is the one who will always be more loved and admired by one and all. A person who doesn’t help others will be considered as rude and selfish. Such persons will never be able to acquire real friends, real happiness, and real peace of mind. Even as a child if you develop the habit of helping others it will stay with you and grow with you as you keep growing. As a child, let’s see what the small but valuable things are that you can do to help others.

At home, there are a number of ways in which you can help your parents and family members. As children, in order to avoid some trouble or accidents, most of the help should be offered only when demanded or with prior permission. You can help your parents by keeping the house neat and tidy. You can help clean the windows and furniture, carry messages across from one person to another, hold or carry objects for your parents when they are doing some work, take care of younger siblings, etc. At school, you can help your weaker classmates in their studies, help take down notes for some classmate of yours who couldn’t attend school, share your snacks and food with those friends of yours who couldn’t bring it someday for some of the other reason, etc. Apart from these, whenever the occasion demands, you can help the elderly cross the streets safely, hold the door open for others, do petty shopping for your parents, etc. If you have a mind to help others, you’ll find a hundred ways in which you can do that.

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