Morals in Life

Becoming aware of what is good or bad, right or wrong, proper or improper, decent or indecent, human or inhuman – becoming aware of such differences and loving and practicing the positive ones is of utmost importance in life, in order to achieve real happiness and real success. This is what morality is all about. A man of good character is one who values and adheres to certain morals in life. A person doesn’t grow up to a person of morals all of a sudden. Morality is something each one needs to learn and acquire right from childhood. Let’s take a look at what are some of the important morals you need to uphold even as a child.

1) Don’t lie. Lying may help temporarily from punishment. But, be sure that, in the long run, lying will only help create more troubles and unhappiness for your own self. Whatever the mistakes that you made, always be bold enough to admit it and be careful enough not to repeat it.

2) Don’t cheat. A victory won by cheating is worse than failure. For, by cheating, you cheat yourself first. By cheating, you make yourself bad before the eyes of everybody. Even if you fail, if you stick to honesty, you will be loved and admired by one and all. A policy of sticking to honesty will make your future safe, secure, sound, and full of success.

3) Don’t steal. Even though it may make you meet some needs of yours temporarily, even though it may give you joy and satisfaction for the moment, stealing will do you great harm. One who steals will be called a thief by one and all. And, that bad name will stay forever. Stealing will develop a sense of guilt and fear in your mind. One who steals will gradually lose all one’s friends and

4) Don’t interrupt your parents or elders when they are engaged in a conversation or activity (unless it’s an emergency). Don’t argue with your parents to the extent of annoying them. If you disagree, wait for an appropriate moment and ask for redress. Do what you are told to do and when you are told to do it. Obedience of one’s parents, teachers, and elders, is a great virtue.

5) Respect others and you will earn respect. Make it a habit to respect all the persons or things you need to show respect to. Respect should not be just in words or gestures; true respect comes from understanding the importance and value of those whom you are called to respect. So, develop that understanding first.

6) Share whatever you have with your family and friends, with those around you, with those who are in real need. Sharing is really caring. When you share things with others, people give more love and respect to you. Be the thing however small or insignificant, when you share with love, it becomes of more value. It’s not only things that you can share. You can share your time, your knowledge, your love, your happiness, etc.

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