Play Gentle with Friends

Hi Friends,

Childhood is full of fun and play. You get to spend a lot of time with your friends, playing games and sports. It’s possible that sometimes you get treated unfairly. Sometimes you get beaten badly. Sometimes you get to go back sadly. It’s also possible that sometimes all these things happen with any of your friends too. But the saddest thing would be if it happens because of you, because of your improper behavior. Let’s take here a look at how you can play gently with your friends.

When you are playing with your friends always keep up a spirit of sportsmanship. That’s you need to be always aware of the facts such as:

1. After all, it’s just a game, so winning or losing isn’t going to make a big difference to your life.

2. After all, it’s just a game, so somebody has to win and somebody has to lose and it’s not necessary that you should always be the winner

3. Your opponents too are, in fact, your friends, and they are opponents only when it comes to playing the game.

4. There is no point in getting disheartened if you lose a game and every failure is a stepping stone to success and failures help you to learn more.

5. Every game has its rules and you have to obey them. It’s not fair to do some cheating just for the sake of winning.

6. Failures need to be taken on the stride; winners need to be appreciated and losing good character is worse than losing a game.

When playing with your friends, always keep these in mind. Don’t ever hurt anybody physically, or with gestures and words. Be always ready to lend a helping hand. Be always considerate and compassionate. Whenever found necessary never hesitate to say such things as “sorry”, “excuse me”, “Are you okay?”, “can I help you?” etc. Always keep this in mind: “Winning sports and games is fine. But winning the hearts of others is the finest of all.”

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