10 Basic Behaviors a Kid Needs

10 Basic Behaviors a Kid Needs

Parents, teachers and elders engage in teaching their Kids good behavior. They guide and support the kids to learn all the good things in life. But it is ultimately the kids themselves who need to realize and grow themselves up to be good. Knowledge is important. But good behavior is even more important. A child who secures a top rank in studies but doesn’t behave well with others would not be liked by anyone. Only a person of good morals and behavior would be loved and admired by one and all. Let’s take here a look at 10 basic behaviors a kid needs to acquire.

1. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Maintaining personal cleanliness and hygiene: Every child should be taught to keep his/her dress neat and tidy. Proper habits of bathing, washing hands, cutting nails, etc., should be developed.

2. Respect Elders

Obeying parents, teachers and other elders: First and foremost, children should be taught to respect and obey the directions given by others who love and take care of them.

3. Develop Sportsmanship

Accepting failures with a spirit of sportsmanship: Children should be taught to see failures as step stones to success. Instead of getting discouraged or disheartened by defeats they should be encouraged and supported to become more confident and determined.

4. Be Honest

Maintaining honesty in words and deeds: Most children show tendency to lie, steal, cheat, etc. But given the right awareness, encouragement and support children can be made to adore honesty. They should be taught to be honest in thought, words and deeds.

5. Be Kind to others

Showing kindness to others: By nature, most children are helping and sympathetic to the sufferings of others. They should be encouraged to show love and kindness to others.

6. Importance of Discipline

Maintaining discipline at home, in school, etc: Basically children love freedom and love to break rules. But freedom without restraint will bring them harm. Hence they should be taught to strictly adhere to the special rules and regulations of each place, be it home, school, shop or places of worship.

7. Good Social Behavior

Maintaining basic etiquette in social circles: Whenever children are taken to club or parties they should be taught to maintain basic manners with regard to such things as proper dressing, well-behaved eating, speaking softly and politely with others, taking care not to bump on others or splash things on others, etc.

8. Be Responsible

Taking care of one’s belongings: Children should be taught to maintain in order and without damage, things belonging to themselves as their room, books, bags, etc. This will help develop a sense of responsibility in them.

9. Sharing is Caring

Sharing things with others: Children should be taught the virtue of sharing. They should be made to understand the importance and the happiness that can be achieved by sharing things with one’s friends, parents, siblings, neighbors, etc. They should be taught that even a piece of candy or chocolate that’s shared with one’s friends or siblings will taste sweeter.

10. Safety First

Observing basic safety rules: Children should be taught basic safety rules with regard to crossing roads, handling hot things, when handling or near any electric gadget, playing with water, etc. They should be made to understand the possible consequences of disobeying such safety rules and regulations.

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